Trust field services

Residential Services

Our team is disciplined and meticulous when it comes to residential renovation; with our dedication to providing the highest levels of customer service and quality assurance, our team of talented contractors will get the job done on time, every time.

Residential Renovation

With our skilled team of contractors, Trust Field Services creates estimates to put your property in marketable condition, to maximize quality, and cost-effectiveness. We understand just how important it is to get properties to the market quickly, and we pride ourselves in completing residential and REO renovations on time and on budget.

Tenant Turns

Trust Field Services has experience completing tenant turns to ensure marketable condition and tenant satisfaction; we’re skilled in quickly and effectively completing all types or repairs related to tenant turns including painting, flooring, electrical, roof, plumbing issues, HVAC tune ups, and appliance malfunctions. We’ll clearly communicate with you through the construction process and project close-out phases to make certain that every part of your vision is being perfectly executed.

Code Violation Abatement

Code Violations are unique and specific to certain municipalities – with our skilled code violation abatement professionals, our relationships with architects and engineers who specialize in violation abatement and their extensive knowledge of the specific regulations, we will effectively remediate and abate the property of violations and keep you ahead of the curve.

Property Preservation

Our Property Preservation team is proactive and strives to meet or exceed neighborhood comparability; we’re known for our careful attention to detail by minimizing unforeseen issues, reducing maintenance overhead, and extending building life. Our goal is to provide the best value to preserve the property and create long term solutions by maintaining the property through bi-weekly yard care, debris removal, mold remediation, and properly identifying life safety issues.