Trust field services

Commercial Services

With over a decade of experience as a Florida licensed General Contractor, we know that one of the most important ways to succeed is to develop a solid relationship with our clients; we will communicate with you each step of the way while we build your vision.

Construction and Project Management

Trust Field Services provides unmatched in-house expertise within the design and construction process to ensure ultimate client satisfaction. Our knowledgeable and well-trained team of contractors will define the scope of a project, identify areas of concern, develop estimates and a project sequencing plan to ensure quality, schedule, and cost control. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to take on your next project.

Tenant Build Outs

We specialize in tenant build outs to include venues such as office, retail, and industrial. Trust Field Services focuses on designing a comfortable, functional, and inviting spaces to increase productivity and welcome customers to your business. From architectural drawings until the final walk through, we will ensure that the project moves along quickly and transitions smoothly so your business can start operating and producing revenue. We understand the importance your needs and requirements hold, so we make sure our team exceeds our client’s expectations for each and every project.

Multi-Family Renovation

Trust Field Services is a leading expert in Multi-Family Renovations; from minor improvements to major fixes, we manage the project regardless of size. With our competitive bids and excellent turnaround time, we ensure that renovations are completed efficiently, cost-effectively, and are of the highest quality.

Code Violation Abatement

Trust Field Services possesses the knowledge to efficiently handle, deal with, and resolve code violations from initial inspection to final inspection. We’re experienced in all aspects of the code violation process including violations for and not limited to illegal additions, zoning issues, unsafe structures, and work without permits. We provide transparency through detailed estimates and reports to guarantee clearance quickly, minimizing costs and lost time.